Listing of Native Hawaiian Plant Nurseries

Aileen's Nursery - View Profile | View Inventory

(808) 936-2671
942 W. Kawailani St., Hilo, HI 96720
Island: Hawaiʻi (Big Island)

We are a small, local nursery specializing in native plants for restoration, reforestation, and landscaping. We grow both native and Polynesian introduced species. Located in Hilo, on the island of Hawaii. Services include custom grow out of desired species, as well as consulting. Over 25 years experience with native plants and 30 years of propagation. We specialize in windward and higher elevation plants, but grow everything. Mahalo!

Big Island Plants - View Profile | View Inventory

(808) 985-8596
11-2831 Uluhemalu Road. Fern Forest, Glenwood. Puna district.
Island: Hawaiʻi (Big Island)

Big Island Plants (BIP) is a native Hawaiian plants nursery located on the east flank of Kilauea volcano. Its goal is to produce and distribute wholesale, all plant species native to this region. BIP desires to keep Hawaii forests healthy and able to sustain species native to this range, and to increase the range thru restoration landscaping. Native birds still range throughout this upland Puna forest. BIP grows common forest plants because plant communities and wildlife habitat are essential to wildlife and...

Future Forests - View Profile | View Inventory

(808) 325-2377
P.O. Box 847 Kailua Kona, HI 96745
Island: Hawaiʻi (Big Island)

We offer a wide selection of tropical hardwood trees, tropical trees, Hawaiian trees, agroforestry crops, high value hardwoods, short rotation tree crops, virtually all trees for tropical reforestation. We are dedicated to tropical forestry, agroforestry and restoration of native ecosystems.

Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery - View Profile | View Inventory

(808) 259-7295
Oahu Address: 41-436 Hihimanu Street Waimanalo, HI 96795 Island of Hawaii Address: 2191 Ainaola Drive Hilo, HI 96720
Island: Oʻahu

Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc. is a family owned and operated nursery specializing in bromeliads and other tropical plants. Our original nursery was established on the Island of Oahu in 1978. Since then we have added additional nurseries on the Big Island and we currently have over 30 acres under cultivation. We cultivate and care for over 100 varieties of tropical and native plants ranging from anthuriums to xanthosoma, producing more than 200,000 individual plants each year. In addition we are the only licensed...

Ho'olawa Farms - View Profile | View Inventory

(808) 575-5099
3 Kahiapo Place, Haiku, HI 96708
Island: Maui

Ho'olawa Farms began growing native plants in the late 80's primarily for landscaping, as interest in conservation grew we became more involved in propagation for restoration projects. Ho'olawa Farms produces over 100 different natives plants at our nursery in Pauwela, Maui. We offer workshops and tours to school groups and the general public.

Hui Kū Maoli Ola: Hawaiian Plant Specialists - View Profile | View Inventory

46-403 Haʻiku Rd. Kaneʻohe, HI 96744
Island: Oʻahu

Hui kū Maoli Ola is the one-stop shopping destination for all of your native Hawaiian plant needs. We offer over 100 different species of native plants from all corners of the Hawaiian islands and numerous plant species introduced by the early Polynesian settlers, all of which have substantial significance in Hawaiian cultural practices. Whether you want to buy a single specimen plant for your home garden, need 10,000 plants for a commercial landscape, or require 100,000 plants for a restoration project, Hui...

Kalaoa Gardens - View Profile | View Inventory

(808) 960-3650 (and 326-PALM)
73-4261 Lauai Street, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 NOTE: No mail can be received at this address
Island: Hawaiʻi (Big Island)

Nothing evokes the feeling and allure of the tropics like palms, and yet of the 2600 species of palms, we normally see only twelve or so commonly used palms in Hawaiian gardens and commercial projects. We are dedicated to growing palms that go beyond this well-known palm palette and offering quality, sun-hardened container grown palms ready for planting.

Native Nursery, LLC - View Profile | View Inventory

1267 Naalae Rd. Kula, HI 96790
Island: Maui

Native Nursery grows native Hawaiian and Polynesian introduced plants for landscape and restoration. With 20 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves in providing plant material that is vigorous, pest-free, and propagated responsibly. We retail at Kula True Value Hardware & Nursery on the island of Maui. We work with landscape contractors and large landowners.

Yardcore Landscapes Partnership - View Profile | View Inventory

350 West Waiko Wailuku, HI 96793
Island: Maui

Our area of focus is Central and West Maui. Our plant stocks are from Central and West Maui.