Metrosideros polymorpha

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Notes on Varieties

We grow many types of ʻōhiʻa lehua.

We mostly have red flowered ʻōhiʻa available.

We sort ʻōhiʻa  by whether they are going to remain shrubby or grow tall. There are so many different uses for all of the types of ʻōhiʻa in a landscape ... it is truly amazing.

Please inquire and we can send pictures of the specific stock that we have available.

Seed Source

mostly leeward Haleakalā


We can grow ʻōhiʻa from seed in dibble tubes for restoration.

We do not air-layer ʻōhiʻa so our plants are not tall and skinny.

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Regularly Available

Current Inventory

  • Orders within the range of 1-24 available in potsize:
    • 25 gallon
  • Orders within the range of 25-99 available in potsize:
    • Standard Dibble (10 cu. in.)
  • Orders within the range of 100-499 available in potsize:
    • 1 gallon
    • 5 gallon

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