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11-2831 Uluhemalu Road. Fern Forest, Glenwood. Puna district.


Hawaiʻi (Big Island)

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Kim Dillman

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Big Island Plants (BIP) is a native Hawaiian plants nursery located on the east flank of Kilauea volcano. Its goal is to produce and distribute wholesale, all plant species native to this region. BIP desires to keep Hawaii forests healthy and able to sustain species native to this range, and to increase the range thru restoration landscaping. Native birds still range throughout this upland Puna forest. BIP grows common forest plants because plant communities and wildlife habitat are essential to wildlife and watershed protection, and these species become less common every day. Useful native plants such as herbals and tea species are also propagated by BIP, as are lesser known forest plants, species that were once common a decade or two ago, and rarely if ever seen today. Threatened and endangered species are also grown and sold when available and permitted. BIP grows plants for all purposes including: landscaping, restoration, gifts, interior and patio decor. The owner of Big Island Plants has grown native plants since 1975, and for the past three years specialized in Hawaiian lobelia species (grown for research). Her passion for forest protection is demonstrated by her activities as an active promoter of Hawaii’s natural resources, producing educational outreach materials, literature and slides, presenting and organizing outings and community activities to protect Hawaii’s environment. Kim participated on the steering committee for the Hawaii county Puna Community Development Plan in 2007-2008, with a special focus on Malama I Ka Aina natural resources working group. She is currently in her fifth year of a five year appointment, and is chairperson for the Hawaii County Planning and Public Works Board of Appeals. Kim has been employed as an invasive species controller since working at Hawaii Volcanoes NP on natural resources management projects (1991-1995), the Big Island Invasive Species Miconia control program (1996-2003), and as lead Coqui controller for Hawaii Volcanoes NP (since 2001). Located in Puna, near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park at 2,600 ft elevation, the site is only four miles from active volcanic activity, at about the same elevation. Fumes from the Pu`u O`o and Halema`uma`u vents blanket the nursery from time to time. It is an excellent site for quantifying volcanic smog tolerance to the extreme. It is mostly wooded with native forest plants, in agricultural zoning on an unpaved private road. It is located two miles from a county or state road, and a mile from the nearest paved road (also private). The Puna district of Hawaii county is a vast native forest. Much of it was subdivided in the 1950’s, into small (less than 5-acre) agricultural farm lots. Assigning agricultural zoning to this native landscape was an environmental mistake. Subdividing encourages development, which encourages excessive land clearing, which in turn causes flooding and eventually desertification. It doesn’t have to happen since we know how to prevent it. Forest protection and increased native diversity improves our environment and quality of life. Why not grow more native plants?

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Kim Dillman

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P.O. Box 338; Volcano, HI 96785


(808) 985-8596


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