Cocos nucifera

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Hawaiian Names with Diacritics

  • Niu
  • Ololani

Hawaiian Names

  • Niu
  • Ololani

Common Names

  • Coconut

leaf Plant Characteristics

Distribution Status


Plant Form / Growth Habit

  • Tree

Mature Size, Height (in feet)

  • Tree, Small, 15 to 30
  • Tree, Medium, 30 to 50
  • Tree, Large, Greater than 50

Life Span

Long lived (Greater than 5 years)

Landscape Uses

  • Container
  • Erosion Control
  • Provides Shade
  • Screening

Plant Produces Flowers


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leaf Leaf Characteristics

Plant texture

  • Coarse

Additional Plant Texture Information

Large fronds recognizable to most.

Leaf Colors

  • Dark Green
  • Medium Green

leaf Pests and Diseases

leaf Growth Requirements

Pruning Information

Lower fronds or leaves may need trimming to maintain a clean landscape appearance.

Water Requirements

  • Dry

Soil must be well drained


Light Conditions

  • Full sun


  • Drought
  • Brackish Water
  • Wind
  • Salt Spray
  • Foot Traffic
  • Heat


  • Sand
  • Cinder
  • Organic
  • Coral

leaf Environmental Information

Natural Range

  • Oʻahu
  • Northwest Islands

Natural Zones (Elevation in feet, Rainfall in inches)

  • Less than 150, 0 to 50 (Dry)


  • Terrestrial

Additional Habitat Information

The coconut or niu is perhaps the most well recognized and common palm in Hawaii today. Niu was also brought over by the early Polynesian settlers.

However, niu has so far been found from pre-human contact pollen samples as naturally occurring only on Laysan (Kauō) and Oʻahu, but was likely found on all or most of the Hawaiian Archipelago. Therefore, the "Natural Range" includes these two indigenous locations at this time.

Pollen core samples also indicate that another palm species was native to the the Hawaiian Islands too. Coconut or niu (Cocos nucifera) has been found as a compotent in pollen samples on Laysan and Oahu at Barber's Point and perhaps should be consisdered as an indigenous species. --D.Eickhoff, NPH

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