Microsorum spectrum

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  • pentadactylum
  • spectrum

Hawaiian Names with Diacritics

  • Lauaʻe
  • Peʻahi

Hawaiian Names

  • Lauae
  • Peahi

Common Names

  • Triploid fern


  • Colysis spectrum
  • Drynaria spectrum
  • Drynaria thouinianum
  • Phymatodes spectrum
  • Pleopeltis spectrum
  • Polypodium spectrum
  • Polypodium thouinianum

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Distribution Status


Endangered Species Status

No Status

Plant Form / Growth Habit

No data available.

Mature Size, Height (in feet)

No data available.

Life Span

No data available.

Landscape Uses

No data available.

Plant Produces Flowers

No data available.

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Plant texture

No data available.

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leaf Growth Requirements


13-13-13 slow release fertilizer every six months for plants in pots. For larger potted ferns showing poor color or not producing crosiers (fiddleheads or emerging fronds) use a complete fertilizer at half the recommended strength. Do not till solid fertilizers into soil since ferns have a shallow root system.

Water Requirements

No data available.

Light Conditions

No data available.

leaf Environmental Information

Natural Zones (Elevation in feet, Rainfall in inches)

No data available.


  • Epiphyte
  • Terrestrial

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Additional References

[1] Studia Mirabilum http://studiamirabilium.com/2013/03/10/more-southern-koolau-goodies/ [Accessed 10/17/13]

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